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Have a medical condition? Avoid a false DUI charge

As someone who has lived with a medical condition for a long time, you know that there are instances where you could appear drunk or disorderly but are really having a medical emergency. It's important that other people can recognize that you need medical help and that you aren't just intoxicated.

How can I use tax returns to look for hidden assets?

When some couples choose to get divorced, the process is not terribly complicated. They may meet with legal counsel a few times, draw up documents and call it a day (more or less). However, when a marriage involves significant assets, the likelihood of a straightforward, simple divorce is exponentially less likely.

What happens to retirement funds during a Texas divorce?

The two most difficult topics for divorcing couples to agree on are generally asset division and child custody. The more assets you have accumulated, the more difficult the division process can become. More assets and debts just means that there are more things for you and your former spouse to fight about. Certain assets, like retirement accounts, can create complicated issues during asset division.

You can’t save your marriage, but you can save the business

Not all divorce proceedings involve courtroom battles where spouses fight over every little thing. Some couples understand that things change, they have grown apart, or are no longer compatible and they amicably agree that they have a chance at a better long-term relationship if they end the marriage. This is ideal if the couple owns a business together.


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