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Posts tagged "Divorce"

Prenups are vital in divorce property division

Many millennials in Texas and around the nation are now developing prenuptial agreements before they get married. Other generations may have attached a stigma of sorts to this type of agreement. In other words, discussing how property division would be handled in the event of a divorce may appear that there is an expectation that the marriage will end. However, the increase in prenups signals a trend that people are approaching marriage in a more practical manner.

The house, the business, the boat: Who gets what in Texas?

Now that you and your husband have decided to divorce, you will have to decide who gets what or let a judge decide for you. For example, what will happen with the business he started and ran while you were raising the children? What will happen to the vacation house on the lake? Everything that you acquired during your marriage will be subject to the marital property laws of Texas.

Why stress over money ruins even affluent marriages

Concerns over money are often cited as one of the leading causes of divorce, and not just for those who don't have enough to make ends meet. Even those who make a terrific salary or own their own successful businesses can run into plenty of money-related stress that tears a relationship apart. In some cases, having more just means there are more avenues for stress and more ways for disputes to manifest.

The financial implications of divorce

While disagreements over money are a common driver of divorce, most people decide to end their marriages for emotional, rather than financial reasons. Even if money is not the primary reason to choose divorce, it is an important consideration for people in unhappy marriages. Divorce can lead to financial ruin for the unprepared. This is particularly true for people whose spouses make significantly more than they do.

The January surge in divorces

When the calendar turns over, a surprising number of couples file for divorce. January could easily be referred to as "Divorce Month." There are a number of reasons that divorce filings rise in January. Most of them point to the common themes in many divorces.

Is divorce unfair to wealthier people?

It is rare for two people to enter into a marriage with equal assets and earning potential. It is also rare for both spouses to contribute equally to the marriage from a financial standpoint. While the two-income family is more common now than it used to be, many marriages still depend on a primary breadwinner. So how do divorce laws treat that primary earner when it comes time to end the relationship?

Older Americans choosing divorce more often

A survey conducted by the National Center for Family and Marriage Research at Bowling Green State University identified a new trend in divorce. In 1990, divorce was largely an issue for younger couples. Less than 10 percent of all divorces were comprised of people over 50 at that point. As of 2014, the percentage had risen to 25. There are many potential explanations for the shift, from the reduced stigma attached to divorce to increasing longevity. Whatever the cause, the bottom line is that more people over the age of 50 are choosing to terminate an unhappy marriage.

"Brangelina" split highlights nuances of high-income divorces

When Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from husband Brad Pitt after two years of marriage, shock waves rippled throughout the celebrity and legal universes. At the same time, the rumor mill began turning in earnest. People wondered if one of them had an affair, was abusive to the other (or the couple's six children) or was a substance abuser.

The "good divorce": might it be a good consideration for you?

Divorce is evolving. While some still think of it as a drawn-out courtroom drama, more and more, it does not have to be that way. When appropriate, we focus on helping our clients find collaborative solutions to the legal issues in their divorces, often keeping stress and costs lower.


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