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Family Law Archives

Why stress over money ruins even affluent marriages

Concerns over money are often cited as one of the leading causes of divorce, and not just for those who don't have enough to make ends meet. Even those who make a terrific salary or own their own successful businesses can run into plenty of money-related stress that tears a relationship apart. In some cases, having more just means there are more avenues for stress and more ways for disputes to manifest.

The financial implications of divorce

While disagreements over money are a common driver of divorce, most people decide to end their marriages for emotional, rather than financial reasons. Even if money is not the primary reason to choose divorce, it is an important consideration for people in unhappy marriages. Divorce can lead to financial ruin for the unprepared. This is particularly true for people whose spouses make significantly more than they do.

Helping your children throughout the Texas divorce experience

When the decision to divorce is made, spouses who are parents of minor children can help them through the process to the other side by understanding what the kids are going through and by considering the advice of professionals who counsel parents and children in divorce. Whether the family atmosphere has been positive and warm despite cracks developing in the spousal relationship or the parental conflict has been clear to the children, the divorce news will rarely be easy to share.

Keeping your business while going through a divorce in Texas

Business owners and business professionals often have the most to lose when they divorce. Not only will they have to deal with emotional issues of an ending marriage, potential estrangement from children and the loss of the family home, they can lose control of their businesses and, thus, their futures.

Will I get alimony as part of my Texas divorce?

The answer to that question, like so many other ones in the legal arena, is "it depends." The Texas legislature, following years of debate on the topic, passed sweeping reforms to the state's alimony provisions in the past decade. The changes were largely made to clarify the circumstances in which it is possible for divorcing spouses to obtain spousal support payments and to make it less cumbersome for people who genuinely need alimony to obtain it.

Divorce proceedings, part 3: Consider collaborative methods

How long will it take to complete the divorce proceedings? This common question is hard to answer. As is often the case in the law, it really depends on your situation. If hurt and anger impede communication, you could be on a long road forward.


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