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Criminal Defense Archives

2 arrested after shoplifting and high-speed chase

Officers in East Texas recently responded to a report of an alleged theft at a local store. As they responded, the call to investigate an apparent shoplifting led to a car chase and crash that took them into another state. Police reports show that the incident took place on Friday, June 2.

Texas pair face shoplifting charges

A person facing charges for a crime will find themselves in need of a strong defense. Even petty charges like shoplifting can have an impact on a person's ability to participate in daily life. If ones faces shoplifting charges, they could face fines, penalties, jail time or loss of employment. Recently, two people in Texas found themselves accused of shoplifting from a store in Texas. 

Charged with public intoxication? Here's what you need to know.

Imagine having a Friday night out with your friends. One of them drew the short straw and had to be the designated driver for the night. You were free to drink as much as you wanted. Only things did not work out the way you intended. During the drive home, a police officer pulled over your friend's vehicle. The next thing you knew, your friend was in the back seat of a squad car and the police were arresting you for public intoxication.

Why you need an attorney if you're facing a DWI

Driving while intoxicated offenses are very common in the state of Texas. State officials estimate that a serious collision involving alcohol occurs every 20 minutes somewhere in Texas. In order to curtail the number of drunk driving crashes, the state takes a firm stance on DWI offenses. If you or a loved one are facing a DWI charge, don't self-incriminate or get pushed into pleading guilty. Seek the advice of an experienced criminal defense attorney before doing anything else.

3 facing drug crimes charges after traffic stop

Three individuals are now fighting charges related to the possession of drugs, police say. The individuals were slapped with several charges in Montgomery County on a recent Thursday in December. In addition to other charges, the Texas residents are now all facing charges related to drug crimes.

Multiple individuals accused of drug crimes after bust

When a Texas resident is accused of a drug crime, it is essential to procure legal representation as soon as possible, for a number of reasons. For starters, in some cases it may be possible to suppress evidence that may have been illegally obtained and, as such, in violation of the Texas and United States Constitutions. In other cases, getting legal help with drug crimes allows individuals to secure individualized assistance and guidance as soon as possible.

Will a deferred adjudication show up on a criminal record?

A first-time run in with a Tarrant or Denton County law enforcement officer can be scary. How will a criminal charge affect your future or your child's future? Will an arrest forever appear on a criminal history report?

Football season and drunk driving arrests

It's a huge part of Texas culture: football season has officially kicked off. Game day often includes beer or other alcoholic beverages. It isn't much of a surprise that law enforcement officers chose these days for stepped up DWI enforcement.


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