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child custody Archives

Parenting plans helpful during separation or divorce

Raising children is a challenging endeavor for every Texas parent, whether married or single. Several issues, such as education, religion and how to discipline, may create conflicts between partners. While these issues can prove to be stressful to anyone, the stress level could escalate quickly when divorce is involved. Many ex-couples find it important to discuss these hot-button issues in parenting plans.

4 things for parents to know about child custody relocation

Relocating is part of life, but in a divorced family, that's made harder due to child custody concerns. As a parent with a job offer, you may want to move, but you need to make sure you do so legally. Here are four facts about relocating with your child.

New study may affect choices regarding parenting plans

Research from a new study suggests that it is beneficial for young children who live with their mother to have overnight time with their father after the parents have divorced. The study's lead author is an associate professor of psychology at an out of state university. He said that overnight time that fathers spend with infants and toddlers after divorce benefited the relationships the children had with both their fathers and mothers. The results of this study have the potential to impact Texas parents' choices regarding parenting plans

The importance of child support during a divorce

When your spouse files for divorce, it can change almost everything about your life. One day, you're going to work and coming home to your family. The next, you're served with papers and told to find a new place to live or coming home to an empty house. Your time with your children is now scheduled, and you're expected to pay child support.

Divorced parenting plans: How to make joint custody work

It is hard for some Texas individuals to co-parent amicably with a former spouse. However, when done successfully, it gives children both the stability they need and allows them to have close relationships with each of their parents. Though sometimes fraught with stress, putting relationship issues aside and developing a healthy working relationship with one another in order to put the children first can help to ensure that post-divorce or post-separation parenting plans involving joint custody work as intended.


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