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Could you benefit from virtual visitation with your child?

If you are going through a divorce and concerned about how this will impact your relationship with your child, you should learn as much as you can about your legal rights.

Matters of child custody are never easy to deal with. Although you may not have physical custody of your child in the future, here's something you need to remember: This doesn't mean you are unable to spend time with him or her.

You should learn more about your visitation rights, including when you will be able to spend time with your child. For example, your child may live with the other parent during the week, but visit your home on the weekends.

While there is no replacement for face to face interaction, a growing number of people are taking advantage of virtual visitation. This is exactly what it sounds like, with you and your child using technology to connect with one another.

Since virtual visitation is relatively new, many people do not fully understand the benefits or laws that govern this type of communication.

Some of the many ways that virtual visitation can benefit a relationship include:

-- Giving the individuals the ability to connect with one another, even if not in person

-- The opportunity for a parent to help a child with a specific task or challenge, such as a school project

-- The ability for the parent to see a child's face, such as on a birthday or another important event

-- The chance to witness live events, such as a sports match or recital

If you are interested in virtual visitation and the other parent is okay with the idea, it may be time to consider this approach. However, don't let this replace the time that you spend with your child.

There is no denying the fact that a divorce can be a big challenge, especially if you have a child with the other person. Your personal relationships are changing forever, but don't give in when it comes to visitation with your child.

Through the use of virtual visitation, you can continue to play a big role in your child's life. This will never replace the time you spend together, but it can be a nice supplement to what you're already doing.

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