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January 2017 Archives

Recent Texas car accidents: 4 die in 2-car crash

It's a parent's worst nightmare: to receive a phone call from law enforcement, saying that one's children are never coming home again. That scenario was the tragic reality for many Texas families whose loved ones were killed in fatal car accidents in 2016. One recent crash took the lives of three children and their father.

The financial implications of divorce

While disagreements over money are a common driver of divorce, most people decide to end their marriages for emotional, rather than financial reasons. Even if money is not the primary reason to choose divorce, it is an important consideration for people in unhappy marriages. Divorce can lead to financial ruin for the unprepared. This is particularly true for people whose spouses make significantly more than they do.

Divorced parenting plans: How to make joint custody work

It is hard for some Texas individuals to co-parent amicably with a former spouse. However, when done successfully, it gives children both the stability they need and allows them to have close relationships with each of their parents. Though sometimes fraught with stress, putting relationship issues aside and developing a healthy working relationship with one another in order to put the children first can help to ensure that post-divorce or post-separation parenting plans involving joint custody work as intended.

Recent Texas car accidents: 1 teen killed, another teen arrested

Traffic accidents occur every day in Texas. Understandably, car accidents  are serious and often result in broken bones, head injuries or even a fatalities. When a loved one is injured or killed as the result of such a collision, it is often an overwhelming experience for the victim and/or the victim's loved ones.

Deadly car accidents the result of lane violations

Fatal car crashes are a problem all across the country. The most common behavior leading to these crashes varies from state to state. A recent look into data collected by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows that the most common cause of fatal accidents in the U.S. is the failure to stay in the proper lane. Texas is one of the majority of states where lane violations are the most common form of dangerous driving leading to deadly accidents.

Recent Texas car accidents: 5 injured in crash, 2 airlifted

A traffic accident can financially, emotionally and physically impact the well-being of an individual and his or her family. In addition to injuries suffered, car accidents can leave a victim with medical bills, lost wages from missed work and other types of emotional and mental trauma. The aftermath of a serious accident is overwhelming, but a Texas victim does not have to face it alone.


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