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What are the Benefits of Mediation?

Mediation is an alternative method of dispute resolution offered at Harris Cook, LLP, in Arlington and Flower Mound, TX. This process offers both sides an opportunity to come to an agreement without going to court. It saves time and money when successful, and is commonly used to resolve domestic disputes over divorce issues such as property division, child custody or visitation. For civil damage cases and disputes over contract issues, Mediation offers many benefits over full Litigation.

Harris Cook, LLP, Mediation Attorney

Our Harris Cook Mediation Attorney can represent our clients in a mediation, or can act as the neutral third-party Mediator. This trained Mediator works with all parties in the dispute, helping them to find points of agreement, but not as an active participant in the discussion. The Mediator's job is to listen to each person, offering guidance and clarification of the issues and helping to facilitate communication between the opposing parties. The process is conducted in a confidential, private setting.

Mediation Benefits

Mediation offers many benefits to all parties in a dispute, as opposed to the more lengthy and expensive process of litigation. Unlike Arbitration, where the facilitator does engage in the discussion and acts like a judge to produce a binding agreement, Mediation is voluntary. If an agreement is not reached, the parties to a dispute can then move into Arbitration or Litigation.

  • Mediation offers an opportunity to reach a peaceful solution quickly
  • It is confidential and flexible, designed to meet the needs of the participants
  • Reaching a mediated agreement is a voluntary process, although a judge may sometimes order the parties to participate in mediation.
  • It can take place anywhere, because it is not limited to a courtroom.

Mediation benefits both sides in a dispute and helps to keep disputes on an amicable level rather than argumentative. It can be used to find solutions for many situations, such as disputes between landlords and tenants, employers and employees, merchants and consumers, or between neighbors or families. With help from the trained Mediator, much of the anger and heat can also be removed from the dispute.

Texas Mediation Attorney

When our Texas Mediation Attorney functions as a Mediator for dispute resolution, the objective is to help the parties engage in a good faith dialogue about their differences. Each is allowed to present their side of the dispute in a neutral, confidential setting. The Mediator helps them explore ways to reach agreement that is satisfactory to both sides. If an agreement is reached and signed, it has the strength of a contract. In family law cases, the parties to a Mediated Settlement Agreement are entitled to judgment on the Mediated Settlement Agreement.Our Harris Cook Mediation Attorneys are trained for this special type of work, and they use all their negotiation skills to help both sides come to an amicable agreement. If an agreement is not reached, other options are available, including binding Arbitration or courtroom Litigation.

Harris Cook, LLP - Arlington, Mansfield & Flower Mound, TX

Learn more about alternative methods of dispute resolution from an experienced Mediation Attorney. Contact the Harris Cook, LLP, offices in Arlington, TX, Mansfield or Flower Mound. Call us now, at (817) 275-8765.

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