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Your small business could be affected by a DUI

Most people know that if you get a DUI, it can put pressure on your employer to fire you or suspend you. In some cases, a DUI can mean that you have no right to drive or work at all. What about people who run their own businesses, though? How does a DUI affect them?

There are actually several ways a DUI affects those who run their own businesses. Consider these three potential risks to your business.

Have a medical condition? Avoid a false DUI charge

As someone who has lived with a medical condition for a long time, you know that there are instances where you could appear drunk or disorderly but are really having a medical emergency. It's important that other people can recognize that you need medical help and that you aren't just intoxicated.

How can you make sure that someone can identify your medical condition? There are several steps you can take. Even if a mistake is made and you are given a DUI, it's possible to correct that charge and have it dismissed with information from the hospital.

Holiday driving tips to keep you safe

With summer coming to an end, a variety of holidays will descend on us in the months to come.

Labor Day is the first one to come around, with this holiday weekend being one of the busiest of the year. From there, it's time to prepare for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and more.

How can I use tax returns to look for hidden assets?

When some couples choose to get divorced, the process is not terribly complicated. They may meet with legal counsel a few times, draw up documents and call it a day (more or less). However, when a marriage involves significant assets, the likelihood of a straightforward, simple divorce is exponentially less likely.

Although this is not a hard and fast rule, human nature often gets the better of one spouse or the other, and he or she chooses to hide assets to avoid splitting them in the divorce settlement negotiation.

What happens to retirement funds during a Texas divorce?

The two most difficult topics for divorcing couples to agree on are generally asset division and child custody. The more assets you have accumulated, the more difficult the division process can become. More assets and debts just means that there are more things for you and your former spouse to fight about. Certain assets, like retirement accounts, can create complicated issues during asset division.

Did only one spouse have a retirement account? Did the other spouse make any deposits into the account? When was it opened? How much got deposited during the course of the marriage?

You can’t save your marriage, but you can save the business

Not all divorce proceedings involve courtroom battles where spouses fight over every little thing. Some couples understand that things change, they have grown apart, or are no longer compatible and they amicably agree that they have a chance at a better long-term relationship if they end the marriage. This is ideal if the couple owns a business together.

If you and your wife have decided that the marriage is not working, but you are both committed to the business the two of you built together, you may be able to save the company from your divorce. Even if your divorce turns contentious, there are steps you can take to ensure the business survives. An experienced divorce attorney in the Arlington area can help you develop a strategy that not only protects the family business, but also helps you avoid an economic hardship due to the divorce. Read further to find out more about how you can protect your company.

You need an attorney to handle a traumatic brain injury

The majority of automobile accidents and workplace accidents result in minor injuries. However, in some cases, injuries to the head can result in permanent damage. People hurt in motor vehicle accidents or a work accident may not realize at first that they've got a traumatic brain injury.

Sometimes, it can take days or even weeks for symptoms to manifest. Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are serious, even in cases of milder TBIs.

Could you benefit from virtual visitation with your child?

If you are going through a divorce and concerned about how this will impact your relationship with your child, you should learn as much as you can about your legal rights.

Matters of child custody are never easy to deal with. Although you may not have physical custody of your child in the future, here's something you need to remember: This doesn't mean you are unable to spend time with him or her.

Walking home: 5 pedestrian safety tips for teens

As a young adult, there are many things that you need to know about being safe on or near the roads. Pedestrian safety is important and could save your life.

There are a number of tips that help you avoid a collision. Here are five to remember when you walk to a job, school or home.

What you should know about pretrial diversion programs

You've been accused of a crime, and you know that your entire life will change if you're convicted. Do you have any other options than to go to court? Fortunately, there could be another path open to you.

With certain types of offenses, you may be able to pursue deferred adjudication or pretrial diversion, which would result in your case being dismissed upon completion of the requirements.


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