Serving A Select Number Of Family Law Clients

If you are experiencing the end of your marriage or another critical family law issue, you need to handle it properly the first time. You need to make things as easy as you can while you focus on taking care of yourself and your children during this challenging time.

How will your choice of attorney impact the way your case turns out? How can you avoid pitfalls and improve your financial, relational and emotional life as soon as possible? How can you carefully evaluate the different ways your divorce can go — before choosing a path? Harris Cook, LLP, believes the answers to these questions relate to the type and level of service you receive from your lawyer.

Service Is The Difference

At Harris Cook, LLP, our attorneys take on a small number of divorce and custody cases at a time. As our client, your concerns will be fully addressed, your phone calls will be promptly returned and your legal issues will be dealt with in a thorough, careful manner.

When you work with Harris Cook, LLP, your lawyer will take an active role in every aspect of your case, communicating with you directly and guiding you through each decision you need to make. Just as we stay apprised of changes in the law and the development of legal issues that matter to our clients, we will make sure you remain as informed and prepared as possible for what will come next.

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Our family law attorneys have offices in Arlington, Mansfield and Flower Mound, Texas. Contact our firm to schedule a personalized consultation.