An accusation or charge of Assault is a serious problem that needs prompt attention. You can find the help you need at Harris Cook, LLP, by working with our Criminal Defense Attorneys to protect your rights and freedom. If you neglect this matter, you risk jail time, high fines and other penalties with a conviction. Convictions can be appealed, but the best solution is a strong criminal defense from the start.

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Our experienced Criminal Defense Attorneys have successfully presented cases and won excellent results for clients who were charged with Assault and other crimes in Texas. Waging a strong defense can help you now and in the future. If you are found guilty of Assault in this state, you may face up to 20 years in prison and $10,000 in fines, depending on the severity of the offense.

Felony crimes carry the highest penalties, while even a Misdemeanor leaves you with a criminal record to follow you around forever. If you have already been convicted of Assault, there may be the opportunity to appeal for a reduction in charges or to request an expungement. Our Harris Cook, LLP, Criminal Defense Attorneys have obtained favorable results for many Assault cases for clients, and our Attorneys are aggressive legal professionals in the courtroom, fighting diligently on behalf of our clients.

Texas Assault Offenses

Assaultive offenses that are included in the Texas Penal Code, Title 5, Chapter 22, are numerous and complex in nature. Typical charges for Assault range from obvious attacks to more subtle actions of a threat or harassment in the workplace. The Harris Cook, LLP, Criminal Defense Attorneys understand every part of this long and complex list of offenses; they can help you with a strong defense against even the most serious charges.

Assault charges involve the actions of intentionally and knowingly causing physical harm or psychological fear to another person. The actions can be made by physical contact or offensive behavior, verbally, or with a weapon. Charges range from simple Class A Misdemeanors to serious Class C Felonies. The level of seriousness attached to criminal assault charges depends on the action of the perpetrator.  Assaults involving family violence can have devastating effects on not only your family life, but your employment.  Using a weapon or causing serious bodily injury will raise the charge to aggravated assault, which carries stiffer fines and penalties. Who that person threatened can result in higher level criminal charges as well.

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Get the legal advice, counsel or representation you need to protect your rights, freedom and finances by working immediately with our Texas Criminal Defense attorney. We serve people statewide and we are ready to answer your inquiries now.

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