Administrative Law

Practice Area Leaders: Chris Harris, David L.Cook and Kimberly Fitzpatrick

"We've got the experience, skills and knowledge to protect your regulated business interest," insists Chris Harris, who recently retired from a 28-year career in the Texas Legislative.

If you are a business owner you are likely dealing with a government agency who is responsible for enforcing industry regulations that can affect your business operations and bottom line, or leave you exposed for liability.

The administrative matters we see most frequently involve:

~ Obtaining and renewing business and professional licenses;

~ Disciplinary proceedings regarding those licenses; and

~ Tax disputes

Mr. Harris has been handling these types of matters for decades. Other types of administrative matters include collecting a large lottery prize, dealing with environmental spills and contamination, and obtaining certification for minority businesses to bid for government contracts.

These matters typically receive a limited review from the court, so it’s important that you engage an experienced attorney to help you navigate the system and present a compelling case. Our firm’s deep understanding of Administrative Law helps our clients achieve favorable outcomes and avoid losses that arise from limited understanding of regulatory requirements.