Seamless Legal Solutions | Outstanding Personalized Service

Harris Cook, LLP, is a team of problem solvers with deep experience in numerous areas of the law. Our attorneys can help you tackle virtually any legal challenge you are facing, whether it relates to:

  • A divorce or family law case that affects you and your loved ones
  • An important business matter like entity formation or a business dispute that must be resolved effectively
  • A criminal charge that requires strong, thorough representation
  • Estate planning, wills, trusts or probate
  • Collaborative law or alternative dispute resolution
  • Administrative law, licenses or regulations

As our client, you will get the answers you need and the personalized service you deserve. We actually get to know the people we represent, returning their phone calls and providing the guidance they need throughout the duration of their legal matter.

Our firm is not a high-volume business. Rather, we serve a select number of clients in order to be responsive and accountable to each one of them.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you, your family or your business. Talk to a Harris Cook, LLP, attorney about your legal needs.